The Migration of the Snowbird

It is estimated that about
one million snowbirds spend time in Florida each year, making a tremendous
positive financial impact on local economies. Shops, restaurants, service
businesses, and doctors’ offices and pharmacies benefit greatly from the
patronage of our snowbirds.
While tourists contribute
to some of the same segments of the economy, snowbirds make additional
contributions as many own real estate in our community associations. They pay
property taxes and monthly or quarterly assessments all year round for services
they only use a portion of the year. Our economy and, in many cases, our
associations depend on seasonal residents and their participation in our
We surely have been busy
this summer trying to get things taken care of while the snowbirds were away.
The weather wasn’t really in our favor this season, so some of the projects
might have been delayed. Sorry about that! It’s hard to work in a downpour!
Now that you are back, consider the following tips for a
worry-free return.

Let your association
know that you’re back and would like to be updated on any happenings that
occurred while you were away.
Don’t forget to
forward your mail, set up autopay for your bills, suspend newspaper delivery up
north, let your credit card companies know that you are back in Florida,
transfer prescriptions, and contact your Florida doctors.
Turn your water heater
back to regular mode from “vacation” mode.
Make sure that all
smoke detectors are working and have fresh batteries.
Run the water in all
of your fixtures to empty the pipes.
Replace the filter in
your air conditioning unit.
Replace the batteries
in your smoke & CO2 detectors.
Reach out to your
church, clubs, and other social groups to let them know when you’re heading
Check all doors and
windows at your home/unit and amenities. Make sure all locks and access control
points are operable.
Contact your
community’s management team. This helps the staff prepare for your return and
prompts them to reconnect services to your unit that had been suspended.
Check with management
for upcoming association meeting dates and times. October through April is when
most budget meetings, annual meetings, and elections typically occur. Make sure you know the correct assessment amount for 2019.
Welcome back to
paradise and we wish you a fantastic season. Most of all thank you for being
involved and participating in the governance of your association whether it is
by serving on the board or a committee or simply attending monthly meetings.